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Check Out The Cut Caused By This Iman Barlow Elbow

Iman Barlow Elbow

Elbows are the most lethal weapons in the Muay Thai ring. Meryem Uslu’s night went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds last night at Lion Fight 34.

Iman Barlow Elbow
The cut was the result of an Iman Barlow elbow with seconds left in the fight.

Uslu was on her way to lose a unanimous decision to Iman Barlow (@ImanBarlow) in their super bantamweight title fight, when Barlow landed a perfectly placed elbow that split here forehead open. She took the shot like a warrior and didn’t go down, but the cut that opened up was nasty. She had avoided being cut for nearly 25 minutes and with seconds left she had a new battle wound to show off.

This proves two things. The first is just how lethal elbows are, when used right they can slice and dice. The second is how much of a savage Iman Barlow is. She had clearly won the fight, but she kept throwing heat until the very end. They don’t call her the Pretty Killer without good reason.

It would have been great if Lion Fight could have kept both Tiffany Van Soest and Barlow on their roster, because that fight would have been amazing.

You can check out the footage of the elbow that caused the damage below.

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